SymphonicPoem for big Symphony Orchestra (performed 1976, Yerevan,  Armenia)

Chamber Cantata "Armenia" onPoem cycle by O. Mandelshtam. (Performed 1981, Moscow; 1989; Colorado SpringsUSA with ensemble "SOUNDSCAPES"; International festival "Moscow Autumn - 95".)



Concerto for Violin and Symphony Orchestra. (Performed1994, International festival "Moscow Autumn", violin solo - M.Vaiman, conductor - Mak Ka Lok.)



1 String Quartet (1979, Moscow, performedby quartet named after M. Glinka.)

Chamber cantata "Copper Looking Glass" on Poemsby I.Bunin. (1983,  Moscow)

2 String quartet. (1980, Moscow, performedby quartet named after M. Glinka.)


2 Vocal Pieces


Suite for Orchestra.

String Trio. (2002, Internationalfestival in Portogruaro [Venezia, Itali),

Suite for Piano.

3 Pieces for Cello and Piano.   (1990, Netherlands)

Variations for Piano. (1987, Moscow, piano - M.Arkadyev; 1992, Vilnus,  InternationalFestival of Jewish Art Music, piano - D. Joffe; 1994, Moscow, piano -Alex. Koroliov.)




3 Pieces for Violin and Piano. (The first of them wasperformed by M.Vaiman and D. Joffe in 1988, Moscow.)



Chamber Symphony (1995), performed in the InternationalNew Music Festival "MUSICARAMA" -  in Hong Kong. Conductor -Mak Ka Lok.

Symphony-Concherto for V-la solo and Strings (1996).(Performed 1997, International festival "MoscowAutumn". Viola - Ilya Hoffman)


"Fantasy" for Violin (or Viola, or Violoncello)and Piano (or String Orchestra) (1998). Performed 1998, International festival"MoscowAutumn", M.Bereznitzkiy - v-la, Y.Polubelov - p-no. 1999; M.Vaiman(violin) and D. Yoffe (p-no) Kuchmo Chamber Music Festival (Finland 1999) ;and in Toronto (Canada2000). 2000 Viola - Ilya Hoffman, Voronegh Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor -Mak Ka Lok)

3 Pieces for Soprano and P-no. International festival"Moscow Autumn"-1999, S.Savenko - soprano, Yu.Polubelov - p-no. 



5 little Pieces and a Canon for a Percussionist and P-no,2000. Performed Mark Pekarsky and Uri Polubelov, 2005  Little Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

Sonata for Oboe and String Orchestra, 2000.

TRIO for Violino, Violoncello and P-no.(2001 International festival "Moscow Autumn". - 2002, Internationalfestival in Portogruaro (Venezia)

String TRIO 1995. Internationalfestival in Portogruaro (Venezia) 2002

3 Pieces for P-no. 2003

"La FOLIAMODERNA"-Variations for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra,

2003. Rahkmaninov Hallof the Moscow Conservatory, Oboe - Alexey Utkin, orchestra - «HERMITAGE».

4 Pieces for Soprano, Viola and P-no. International festival "Moscow Autumn" 2006, S.Sovenko - soprano,Ilya Hoffman, U.Polubelov - P-no.




"Cooper glass", chamber cantata on the poetry by I. Bunin
Людмила Мхчихчерян — сопрано 
Анатолий Камышёв — кларнет 
Евгений Вельтинский — скрипка 
Александр Консисторум — альт 
Дмитрий Суриков — виолончель 
фортепиано соло — Елена Адамович 

дирижирует Михаил Адамович 



DIVERTIMENTO EBRAICO, concertante for V-no solo, Cantor and Orchestra, 2007. Internationalfestival in Portogruaro (Venezia, Itali), V-no solo - Pavel Vernikov, Orchestra- «Vienna Classics» (Vienna)


1st movement 



2nd movement 





«The Angels of Chagall». Variations on the song שלום עליכם (Shalom aleihem, malahim hasharet...) for Violin solo and Symponic Orchestra. To my dear musician and friend Michael Vaiman dedicated 


«4 Symphonic pieces», dedication to Yuri Norstein



J. Brahms               -         Intermezzo (ор 118 No. 2) for Viola solo and String Orchestra  



A.Berg                      -           Sonata (op.1) for big SymphonyOrchestra. (1980)

A. Berg                      -           Sonata(op.1) for Viola solo and String Orchestra (1999)



A.Berg                       -          Sonata (op.1) for Viola solo,Clarinetto and String Quintet (2001)

P.Tchaikovsky          -           "The Seasons" for StringOrchestra (1995)

(2002, International festival in Portogruaro (Venezia, Itali) - condurterLeonid Hoffman)

S.Prokofiev               -           Sonata for Strings (Transcription ofthe 1st violin Sonata for StringOrchestra) 1995.

S. Prokofiev               -           "The Old Grannies Tales" for String Orchestra



S. Prokofiev               -           "Toccata"for String Orchestra

J. Brahms                  -           "Sextet for Strings"  (transcriptionop. 18 for String Orchestra)

J. Brahms                  -           "Sextet for Strings" (transcriptionop. 36 for String Orchestra)

F. Schubert                -           "Quintet for Strings" (transcriptionfor String Orchestra)

J. Brahms                  -           "Intermezzo" transcription op. 118 №2 for Viola and Piano 

R. Schumann            -             "Fantastic pieces" for Oboe and String Orchestra, Large Hall Moscow Conservatory, Oboe - Alexey Utkin



C. Franck                   -           Sonata A-dur for Violin and String Orchestra. 

S. Prokofiev               -           "ChildrenPiano Pieces" for Oboe & StringOrchestra

B. Britten                   -           "Two Insect Pieces" for Oboe &String Orchestra

A. Zemlinsky             -           "Serenade" for Violin solo &String Orchestra

A. Zemlinsky             -           "Serenade" for Oboe & String Orchestra

C. Debussy                -          3Prelude for Oboe & String Orchestra

V.P. Zaderazky          -           Opera "La viuda valenciana" on comedyby Lope de Vega, for big Symphony Orchestra 2007.

V.P. Zaderazky          -           Concerto for Violin & Symphonic Orchestra



"A GreatMan"                                Mosfilm, producer

 "Moonboy"                                     Gorky Film,producer

"Daughterof Father"                      Mosfilm,producer

"Aborigines"                                    Gorky Film,producer

"HerrPuntila and his Manservant Matti" by B.Brecht. Directed by Felix Berman.

"TheTrial of the Donkeys Shadow" by Durenmat. Directed by Felix Berman.

«The Overcoat» - N.Gogol -Directed by Uri Norstein (in process)









Audiofilm for Simphonic orchestra, choir and soloists on the theme of the Soviet songs STATE SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA «NEW RUSSIA» ARTDIRECTOR - YURI BASHMET. CONDUCTOR – MURAD ANNAMAMEDOV. Dedicated to Mikhail Gorbachev. Moscow Conservatory, Large Hall, 2003




The ambler & the donkey